The Margarita Man realizes that planning a party can be very stressful and time consuming, The Margarita Man tries to make it as easy as possible for our patrons. Making a reservation is easy. Margarita Man franchises accepts credit cards. Margarita Man franchises ask that you drink responsibly and that you also encourage designated drivers. Margarita Man covers all your Wedding Day Rentals for Frozen Margarita Machine needs, located within the Concho Valley.

Reserve Our Ultimate Wedding Package! Only $150!

  • 1 Frozen Beverage Machine

  • 1 Margarita Man Mix – 14 flavors to choose from

  • 1 Sleeve of cups (50 per sleeve)

  • 1 Five gallon mixing container and spoon

  • 1 Heavy-duty cart 

  • FREE delivery and pickup w/in our delivery area

  • Setup and mixing of your first batch

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We are San Angelo’s oldest, largest & most experienced provider of frozen drink machine rentals. Don’t leave the most important day of your life to someone who rents margarita
machines part time.  

1. The Margarita Man uses ONLY the finest mix and the best machines. Our machines are very reliable and are perfect for any wedding big or small. Trust us when the machine starts the party wont stop.  These machines are unlike the competition's.  Our machines are commercial grade with an innovative design that provides quick freezing and enables you to add more mix without melting what's already frozen.  Therefore, there is no down time when making a new batch. The point is EVERY drink will be frozen and their will never be a dull moment on your special day.

  2. Call the professionals. We have been in the business of spicing up weddings for over eighteen years! So we are no stranger to a party.  You have a wedding to plan! So let us take care of the “beverage" part, then you have one less thing to worry about while planning your big day. Remember we deliver and pickup.

3. Want Non-Alcoholic Margaritas? No problem.  None of our flavors require alcohol and we have up to 15 different ones to choose from.  Just check our list.

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  4.  Do we only have Margarita Machines to offer? No way. We also have 16 gallon kegs!  We have about 20 different types of beers to choose from. We have all your favorite craft beers as well.  The Margarita Man operates out of the Party Barn on Sherwood Way. Therefore, we have access to any package beer, wine, champagne, water, sodas, and ice.  We will gladly deliver all of this with your Margarita machine.  This makes us your “one stop shop”. In fact, you don't even have to stop, we come to you.